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  • Residential Services

  •     Our services will protect your home and family from uninvited pest such as cockroaches, rats, crickets, ticks, fleas, bees, spiders, crickets, and all other pests which can enter your home virtually undetected.( Not covered: wood destroying insects such as termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, powder post beetles)

    Here's how it works:

       1. We carefully inspect your home, make recommendations, and prescribe the proper methods of treatment.
       2. Our prescheduled treatment gives you continuous protection throughout the year.
       3. Free emergency service gives you ongoing protection between scheduled services.
       4. One year guarantee ensures your satisfaction.
       5. Flexible billing: Payment due on completion of each service( cash, check, Visa, MasterCard)

    Treatment procedures:

    Treatment 1 Spraying: We power spray a protective barrier around the exterior of  your home. Treat the basement, crawl space, kitchen, bathrooms and other accessible areas of the home. A wood destroying insect inspection is performed and reported. (Inspection is not valid for real-estate transactions.)

    Treatment 2 (summer): A second power spray application around the exterior of your home. We inspect the exterior of the home for bees, wasps, and/or other problems that may have occurred. These infestation if present are treated and recorded.

    Treatment 3(fall): We carefully inspect and treat all accessible areas of your home for insects and treat as needed. An inspection for rodent activity i s performed an rodent control procedures are implemented to control or prevent any rodent infestations.


    Investments range from $150-$250 per service and are set according to the size of your home.

    Real Estate Inspection and Reports

        Are you buying or selling a home? Do you need a Real Estate Reports, H.U.D., VA Forms?

         Gilmer Pest Control is fully licensed and trained in wood destroying infestation report . If you need treatment, clarification, or just  peace of mind we'll conduct the most thorough inspections and all our wood destroying insects